We announce that we are starting an Exclusive Alpha Version of the ELITE Emissaries Program

We announce that we are starting an Exclusive Alpha Version of the ELITE Emissaries Program

As part of our process in releasing the Emissaries Program, we discovered crucial information using a methodology pioneered by Google Ventures called Design Sprints. We have adapted the process to our style, but nonetheless kept it similar enough to get the real value behind the methodology. From sticky notes, to huge whiteboards, to small whiteboards, to notebooks, to online documents as well as some incredible 1–1 meetings with you guys, all of these were used to do all kinds of brain draining exercises that drove us forward in our search for growth.

After many rigorous hours working, the insights from the Sprint led us to decide on making some key changes to the original Emissaries Program. We will release and discuss these changes with you guys in the future. For now we are still incredibly excited to announce that we will be starting the Exclusive Alpha version of the ELITE Emissaries Program by opening applications for it.

Read below for more information on our process that got us here and what this all means.

Here is the thing, digital growth is a complicated thing. So I will do my best to keep things as simple as possible.

There are different types of business models that can make up a business. Once you find the mix that makes up your business, you look at what that mixture needs specifically and then you look at what Growth Stage the business is in (1.Empathy, 2.Stickiness, 3.Virality, 4.Revenue and 5.Scale) These two things will define what you should be focusing on.

In Spectivs case we have found to have a rather weird business model only possible thanks to current blockchain technology. On one side we have the Crypto world and in the other we have the VR world. Each has its own way of growth, yet because of the nature of this business they have to grow together. But the thing is that each side has to be cared for differently, complicating things a little.

Our VR side needs to grow like a User Generated Content Business (UGC) and needs to focus on keeping people around while solidifying the product ( Stickiness Stage, in which we are striving for our consumers wanting to use our platform for long periods of time while also constantly wanting to come back). To grasp what I mean by a UGC business, think of all those businesses that require a community of content creators to feed the core of the business by generating content. A few examples are businesses like Reddit, Youtube, 9gag, facebook, twitter and others.

We also have the crypto side that relates more to an Ecommerce type of business. In this side we are way more advanced and have cleared both the Empathy stage and the Stickiness stage so we have to focus on the next one, the Virality stage. Yes “Virality”, most people think they know what virality means and they really just think of viral videos on youtube or a meme. The problem comes with the word “Viral” and the stigma that has been attached to it, the word has been hyped too much. We are not talking about overnight viral videos or memes here, please stop thinking that. When we talk about the Virality Stage we are talking about the scientific method of incorporating systems in place that make your sticky user base want to share their experience with some of their friends. A business or product does not need to “Go Viral” or have everyone know about it to have high Virality. “Going viral”, contrary to what most believe, normally originates from a tiny group of people who share the content/product to lots and lots of people inside the niche that the business is in. It’s all about a small group sharing a absurdly.

In our case we were looking to tackle the idea of solidifying Stickiness and increasing Virality of the Crypto side with the original ELITE and Regular Emissaries Program. We saw an opportunity only once you guys constantly started contacting us to see how you could help Spectiv grow. That’s how both Emissaries Programs came about. Initially it was to help our Empathetic and Sticky Crypto side start its initial steps in the Virality Stage.

But here is the thing, once we decided that we had something built for the Crypto side, we wanted to tackle the VR side next. So we went hard core mode with another Design Sprint looking for the stickiness solution for the VR side of our business. During the Sprint something clicked and we felt synergy flowing through our solutions that involved both the Crypto side and the VR side. We saw an opportunity to make the Emissaries Program even better while also addressing our Sticky Growth problem on the VR side.

I don’t want to disclose too much on what the strategy is going to be, but i will say that involves making some changes to the Emissaries club. Therefore we are postponing the release of the original Emissaries Program.

In summary (and what you need to know for now), we will revamp the Emissaries Program as a whole to include the side of the market that we call Virtual Reality Content Creators or VRCC for short. An important change to the program that will connect our Crypto side of the business with the VR side.

Like I said, we won’t say much, but one of the solutions floating (to give you an idea) is a promotion for VRCCs; when you buy sigs using a code from a VRCC the VRCC will get paid x% of the SIGs bought. Again, we don’t want to spoil it so we won’t say more, but expect an distinctive inclusion of VRCCs into the Emissaries Program.

We do want to say that we are sorry for not releasing the original Emissaries Program. We wanted to release the original Emissaries Programs in March, but we won’t be able to do that because we want to make the changes mentioned above.

We did decide to release part of the Emissaries Program in an Alpha version. This way we can get things rolling while we revamp the Emissaries Program to include VRCCs.

The [Alpha α] ELITE Emissaries will be an early experimental version of the ELITE Emissaries Program that will most resemble the first version of the ELITE Emissaries Program.

Some of you have qualified for the [Alpha α] ELITE Emissaries Program in the past by helping us out just like an ELITE member would, expect the welcoming gift we promised very soon. For the rest of you, we developed an application process.

The process to join will be simple. The first step involves an application online, just a few questions on a form. The second step, is a video chat interview online. If accepted then the third and final step is joining the [Alpha α] ELITE Emissaries Program secret Telegram and Discord to participate.

To start applying for the [Alpha α] version of the ELITE Emissaries, go to this link and fill out the questions in the form:


Some of the benefits we plan to include in the [Alpha α] ELITE Emissaries Program are:

  1. Exclusive Challenges and Rewards:

1st challenge: Post on your favorite social media a video/picture of you wearing Spectiv Socks or of a stuck Spectiv Sticker.
Reward: 5,000 SIGs.

2nd Challenge: Invite 50 people to our public telegram, t.me/spectivtelegram
Reward: Spectiv Mobile VR Headset

3rd Challenge: Honest and Candid Youtube Review of Spectiv
Reward: 5,000 Sigs for you, Spectiv Socks and Spectiv Shirts

How to submit a challenge:
To submit a challenge you will have to post evidence on the ELITE Telegram channel that you completed the challenge. Specify which challenge you have a completed and wait for one of our administrators to help you.

2. Secret Discord meetings [exclusive for the ELITE]

3. Secret Telegram [exclusive for the ELITE]

4. VR events

5. Special Q&A

6. Prototype meetings

7. Early access to what we are going to release

8. Special Promotions

We are going to be extremely careful on who we pick for this Alpha version, we will pick a few to begin with and slowly add more people overtime. Get started now so you can join the program early on and so you can jumpstart your progress!

Apply, get involved and get rewarded:

https://forms.gle/PNQyLG3oD81EAPhm6 *

*Expect an answer around 2–3 weeks after the submission of your application.

If you have any questions DM @ildeSpectiv in telegram

Published at Sun, 31 Mar 2019 02:47:12 +0000

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