The Ether Review #55?'??'”?'?DAOs with Wings

The Ether Review #55?'??'”?'?DAOs with Wings

In Brief: Stas Oskin, Wings founder, explains how DAOs can be packaged for use by startups outside the blockchain space.

Learning from others mistakes, the team at Wings are building a platform with the ability to vet, fund and launch DAOs based on input from its community. The idea of decentralized due diligence is powerful and if the mechanisms perform as expected, we may see a more refined crop or projects emerging as a result.
Especially interesting is Wings’ aspiration to use the ambitious RSK platform. While the project was delayed considerably, RSK intends to use Bitcoin’s blockchain and mining network combined with a group of trusted parties to secure sidechains. In particular, a sidechain operating the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Hopefully this will happen with the RSK launch this summer/fall, in the mean time, pressure from groups waiting to use the platform have resulted in an early launch on the Ethereum network.

Content: Stas Oskin, Arthur Falls

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Published at Sat, 11 Feb 2017 00:26:00 +0000