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We have recently seen BTCUSD rally over the past couple of days after breaking out of a consolidation zone. This has led to a rally of BTC approaching around $5500 USD at its peak.
Looking at BTC now on a weekly time frame, a doji star has been printed – to be specific, an enormous evening doji star (highlighted in green).
This is a sign of a bearish reversal and looking at BTCUSD and its rally over the past couple of weeks, I think the time has come, as from my last article for this pair to drop .
Furthermore, considering this pair in terms of moving averages, the 50MA is acting as a resistance for this pair, which should help to aid this pair to the downside.
The 50MA should act as a heavy resistance barrier for the bulls to break out from the long-term bearish trend .
Considering this pair will drop over the next few weeks, I think we will firstly see price re-enter the parallel channel , test this channel a few times, before rejecting into the highlighted zones in pink.
I think after these pink highlighted zones are tested and broken as floors of support, we could look to see a surge to the upside for some time, but then a retracement to the significant lower end support levels highlighted in yellow, where I think the price of BTCUSD could head over the next couple of months to a year before we see the next proper bull run.

If you haven’t already read my last article on the long term forecast of BTC , check my profile to find my last post about the future of BTC .

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Published at Tue, 16 Apr 2019 13:41:20 +0000

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