Ethereal Summit NY Showed How Blockchain is Booming in 2019

Ethereal Summit NY Showed How Blockchain is Booming in 2019

All the videos, quotes and scenes as Blockchain Week kicks off the next phase of development in spectacular fashion…

The annual Ethereal Summit in New York City not only kicks off Blockchain Week — perhaps the most substantive gathering of the year in the blockchain and crypto industry — but serves as a bellwether for ConsenSys and the whole Ethereum ecosystem.

This year’s iteration at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn showcased an ecosystem beginning to reap the developmental benefits of an annum spent furiously BUIDLing, eschewing hype for the cause of establishing a robust and sustainable industry. Everywhere you looked at Ethereal Summit, it was coders engaging with designers, storytellers and entrepreneurs sharing wisdom, and actors from every far-flung corner of the blockchain ecosystem coming together to connect.

In addition to headline addresses like Joe Lubin’s vision of 2047, Aya Miyaguchi of the Ethereum Foundation announcing Osaka, Japan as the location for Devcon V, and major announcements by the likes of MolochDAO, Kaleido, and PegaSys, the weekend was chock full of lively debate and discussion, which all together represented a global community that’s more active, productive, and cohesive than ever while hurtling towards Ethereum 2.0 and the next phase of blockchain


Sophia Lopez of Kaleido: “You know the tech has matured when users don’t even know that it’s powered by blockchain — and we’re already seeing this happen. People can focus on business value and not the wiring behind it.”

Paul Brody: “For most companies, by the end of this year, it will be cheaper to do business on a public blockchain than it will to do business on a private blockchain.”

Jinglan Wang of Plasma Group: Ethereum does f***ing scale. All these other chains are doing is marketing and leaning harder. The community can help Ethereum if it tweets: Ethereum DOES scale!”

Richard Burton of Balance: “One metric I like to track is how many daily active addresses are moving DAI around, which is roughly 10,000 right now. If we want to increase that by 10x, we’ll need extremely mature crypto/fiat onramps & millions of people onboarded onto that system”

Andrea (Andy) Morales: “A lot of the problems that we see in blockchain with product fit come down to design.”

Mike Novogratz: “The herd that I’ve been talking about for so long…It’s here.”

Robby Greenfield: “The only limitation to how much students can learn is our perception of how much they can learn…”

Amber Baldet of Clovyr: “Regulators have never been strong on tech. They did a terrible job with the internet in the 90s and it’s not any better now…”

Chris Burninske: “Crypto has gone from being a myth to a strong belief. It’s next step will be going from a belief to a truth.”

Austin Thomas Griffith: “I basically stayed in all winter. And I’ve been quietly building in winter.”

Queen Diambi Kabatusuila: “We must all be integrated into the construction of the future of humanity. No one can be left behind.”

Mike J. Walker of Microsoft: “The most common challenge i see with older companies is wanting to update a 30 yr old business process with blockchain. Don’t do it. Think about what unique aspects of blockchain apply to your business model.”

Amanda Gutterman: “Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk, and uncertainty.”

Tom Shaughnessy: “If you’re building on another smart contract platform, you have to rebuild all the infrastructure tools that Ethereum already has. Even if another smart contract platform has better tech, the time differential is much longer than people assume today”

Ameen Soleimani: “My assumption of what’s about to happen is that #Ethereum is going to eat everything.”

Tushar Jain: “If layer 2 does not work, #Ethereum will not work. I believe that with pretty high conviction.”

Beatriz Ramos: “There’s all this fetishism about the technology but we are about the soul”

Danny Ryan: “…My wife then proceeded to run a @CryptoKitties breeding farm for the next two weeks.”


Check out the full live stream of Ethereal Summit NY 2019…

Friday, Main Stage Morning Session

Friday, Main Stage Afternoon Session

Friday, Afternoon Session

Saturday, Main Stage Morning Session

Saturday, Morning Session

Saturday, Main Stage Afternoon Session

Saturday, Afternoon Session

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