Drife Solutions for Online Transportation Social Problems

Drife Solutions for Online Transportation Social Problems

The use of online transportation is currently in great demand by the public, because the use of technology is very effective in avoiding traffic jams and parking fees. Especially with the mobility of people living in urban areas, which will be very inefficient if a lot of time is spent looking for parking spaces. The profession as an online driver or more popularly known as ojol (online motorcycle taxi) is not only in demand by professionals, but also people who are outside the scope. For example, office employees make the online driver profession a side profession. This is evident that the online transportation business is a business that is very profitable or profitable and coupled with flexible working hours. Because the online transportation system does not require the drivers to work like office hours. Which is the salary paid will be adjusted to the target obtained.

The influx of people who make the online driver profession as a side job means that online drivers will make this job their main livelihood feeling attractive. Competition is what sometimes makes each driver work outside the specified time limit, such as 48 hours in one week. Even though according to Labor Law №13 of 2003, work carried out more than 40 hours, it is considered a working hour that is not recommended.

This makes Drife a platform for online transportation based on the blockchain technology trying to provide a number of solutions to various existing problems. Drife is designed as an online transportation platform that only applies payment of membership fees per year. Therefore, of course this will make the drivers no longer feel burdened with the fees — the commission costs cut by the company or third parties. As drivers they also need fees for engine maintenance, motor vehicle tax payments, parking fees, installment or credit fees if the vehicle is still in debt, and other costs. with this, the welfare of the drivers will be more secure because they do not need to work outside the time limit.

Although the drivers of Drife application users are not civil servants or private employees, but here Drife still provides very adequate facilities for drivers. Because even though they have not yet received official status from the government, it is still a job as an online driver of work that spearheads or drives the company’s main productivity. We’ll see how this work has absorbed a lot of labor, reduced unemployment, and improved the quality of education. The quality of education in question such as drivers who are able to send their children to school and work as online drivers with flexible time can adjust to the school schedule or lectures of students. Therefore, in the registration or registration process, the method used is not much different from the official employees in general. Among them are the application of KYC (Know Your Customer) principles to analyze the background or track record of the drivers. Then also held a psychological test. This proves that the drivers are not only judged by the ability or ability to operate the vehicle but also in the aspect of communication that is intended for the convenience of the customers. Drivers are also required to understand mechanical problems. Of course this is an anticipatory tool in case of engine failure on a road far from the motorbike repair shop. Coupled with Drife implementing an SOS system that allows customers to activate GPS and contact public facilities needed, such as police, ambulances and workshops.

Community thoughts that generally assume that work as a driver or motorcycle taxi is a trivial job and does not have a bright future. Because if this work is only seen in plain view, what is seen is only the drivers who are active in the field or the highway must feel the heat of the hot sun.
Even if the community knows that this work is very professional work. For example Drife which imposes a touch ID or fingerprint system. A system that requires drivers to scan fingerprints to avoid driver exchange. Because Drife only employs people who have been professionally tested.

In addition to income problems, online drivers also often get social problems such as the slanted views of the people who think that this work is sub-standard work, and sometimes this makes customers often do things that are not as commendable as cancellation of orders is suddenly only to carry out some nosy actions. Therefore Drife is present as a platform that always upholds the welfare of the drivers.

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