Drife Marketing Flow – full lass –

Drife Marketing Flow – full lass –

The planning of making an initial product is assessed by type, basic ingredients, processing, packaging design, and a clean, safe and affordable production site. The geographical location of the place of production must also be strategic with the place to take the basic ingredients. Because the location of production and extraction of raw materials is far away, then this will cause the budget for production costs to be high. Such as the addition of transportation costs and insecure security risks. this is also very worrying for companies that are still starting businesses at an early stage. Because these important things must always be considered to be in a position that is in harmony with the world’s leading companies. After going through the production phase, the founders and expert teams also have to think about places that are in accordance with the type of product offered.

Therefore Drife projects four main countries that will become the main marketing targets. These countries are London, Singapore, India and the Middle East. If we analyze it again, that as determined by the United Nations, the countries in the world are divided into three types, namely developed countries, developing countries, and the third world country.

London and Singapore entered as developed countries, which in general if judged from the economic aspects, health aspects, educational aspects, and aspects of understanding the world of technology can be ascertained that people living in developed countries are people with a superior level of intelligence. The condition of economic inequality in developed countries with two other types of countries is also not much different. In addition, this is also supported by guaranteed security facilities. This security facility is what makes investors interested in investing their money. All aspects — these aspects that make Drife make London and Singapore as one of the main target markets.

The next market is the target market of developing countries, namely India. Which as we know that the Drife founders were Sheikh Firdosh, an Indian woman. The situation or market opportunity in this Indian country must also be known widely and thoroughly by the founder. In addition, India also refers to a country with the densest population and city traffic in the world. In terms of security for business, in fact India is one of the potential countries. But India itself has several aspects of the security issues for the mental health of its female residents. Based on information from existing news. There are certain places or regions in India that are prone to rape cases, especially on public transport. Perhaps this is the reason for the founders to create a safe, economical and practical online transportation platform.

If we talk about platform security issues, it can be assessed from the registration process or the recruitment of drivers who use the KYC (Know Your Customer) principle to see the curriculum vitae of prospective drivers regarding criminal actions that have been committed. Psychological tests as evidence that prospective drivers are free from mental illnesses that will have a bad impact on prospective passengers. The obligation to scan the driver’s fingerprints for each time it works with the Touch ID feature. In addition, security features of the Peer to Peer Emergency Management (SOS) System, Ride Notification for Family and Friend, and SOSM. At least these features can greatly guarantee the safety of women in the country and other countries.

The next country is the Middle East country. The Middle East is known as the largest oil producing country in the world and is gathered in the world petroleum organization (OPEC). Some developed countries in the region of the country are Dubai and Qatar. Dubai is a country famous for the beauty of artificial islands and exoticism of the sea. In addition to producing oil, Dubai is also incessant — incessantly building property projects with sophisticated technology systems. this also makes Drife interested in developing the wings of its business.

Economic stability and security are two things that are very sustainable and influence each other. If the economy does not work, then the state will not be able to pay a number of security budgets, and if the security conditions are not stable then there will be no economic productivity going on. So from that the main countries that have been determined Drife as the main target market are the countries that have been studied and analyzed with these aspects.

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