Why we need a ERC20 Token specific Transfer Dapp – Adibas03 – Medium

Why we need a ERC20 Token specific Transfer Dapp – Adibas03 – Medium

Token Transfer Dapp

Having written a number of smart contracts some pertaining to escrows, settlements and other functionalities which require interaction with the ERC20 tokens, I found myself repeating the same process over and over again: getting the contract address, getting the symbol, confirming the decimals, just to transfer some tokens to an address, in order to use or test the Product I am building.

My realization of how much interest had been allocated to ERC20 tokens interaction lead to the development of the Token Transfer Dapp( https://github.com/ico-busses/token-transfer-dapp ).

This is a Dapp focused on the transfer and interaction with ERC20 tokens. Since it is focused on optimizing the ERC20 life, it tries to add features that matter to the erc20 flow, and in return make it easier and faster to interact with the tokens..
Key features right now include:

  1. Auto load contract details from contract address
  2. Batch transfer using only JS resources
  3. Security, by ensuring only wallets are used.


Utilizing the tool is extremely easy and straightforward, as all you need is the contract address, and all features are loaded, giving you instant access to your tokens

In the same fashion of the greats (Myetherwallet, Mycrypto), you can clone or download the zip, and run locally, or if you are brave enough, you could visit the live site of the most recent update: https://ttd.icobusses.io

Published at Sun, 17 Mar 2019 14:14:16 +0000

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