WhatsApp To Adopt BTC? Plus Exciting News From TRX & XRP

WhatsApp To Adopt BTC? Plus Exciting News From TRX & XRP

Another week in the crypto space and there’s plenty of news to go around. This week saw numerous news stories including TRON getting newfound support on eToro, WhatsApp getting ready to support Bitcoin and the popular US lawyer, Jake Chervinsky has said not to hold your breath when it comes to a Ripple security ruling.


Let’s start with TRON.

One of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the space is TRON (TRX) and it is about to join fourteen other digital currencies on the multi-asset exchange and social trading community known as eToro.

With this support from eToro, TRON will be available to buy and trade by more than ten million active users alongside other high volume cryptocurrencies such as EOS, Dash, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

In case you didn’t know, eToro empowers people to invest in their own terms. The platform allows the user to trade and invest in the assets that they want to from stocks and commodities to crypto assets.

According to a recent announcement that was published on Medium by the TRON Foundation, TRX will be also included on eToro’s CryptoPortfolio which enables investors to diversify across all available digital assets with just one click.

“With our listing on eToro, we’re giving TRX holders another great platform on which to manage their assets,” said TRON’s founder, Justin Sun. “These steps will help grow the blockchain community and expand our reach around the world.”

The eToro platform is one of the biggest and leading investment platforms in the world which has a history of closely researching the progress, technical potential and fundamentals of each token before investment. The platform will only include cryptocurrencies whose projects are deemed to show promise.

“TRON is making fast progress towards lofty ambitions, and has rightly garnered the attention of the crypto community,” said eToro CEO Yoni Assia, in the announcement. “Given the relative youth of blockchain technology, investors in crypto-assets are investing in big ideas and seeking out companies that execute on big ideas.”


Onto the next topic which is in regards to the globally famous WhatsApp who could be getting ready to adopt Bitcoin sooner rather than later.

This might be what happened through the new crypto wallet service developed by Wuabit which will allow users of the the popular app to access their crypto holding from within WhatsApp. Wallet functions will include, sending, receiving and trading but in the future, more crypto related tasks are going to be added.

Furthermore, the team is planning to bring the service to other social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Viber and Telegram. The rumours indicate that the public beta will get going next month too.

The company has confirmed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a big part of the new service and users will be able to type statements like “send 1 BTC to John” (if you have that much to spare of course), this is a very convenient way for non-tech savvy people to send and receive cryptocurrency as well as it will help boost adoption.

Wuabit has described itself as a “cryptocurrency wallet accessible via a chat interface.”

Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum have also been considered as cryptocurrencies for being implemented:

“We are near completing the wallet core service starting with BTC. By using WhatsApp/SMS/Telegram you can access that wallet easily. Crypto payments via WhatsApp can introduce greater numbers of new users who only know how to chat to this complicated space. Usability is key in user adoption and a great enabler.”


Last but not least, let’s talk about Ripple.

The popular United States lawyer, Jake Chervinsky works for the equally popular Kobre & Kim law firm. Chervinsky has recently said that the crypto industry shouldn’t expect a decision to be made on Ripple XRP’s status as a security.

Furthermore, Chervinsky took to Twitter last week to express his feelings towards the Ripple lawsuit and laid out what we can expect over the next year.

Whereas the lawsuit is still in its early stages, it has been talked about for a while now:

“Even though we’ve been talking about the Ripple securities litigation for almost a year, the case basically just started this week, and it’ll be a very long time – another year or more – before anything truly interesting happens.”

The lawsuit was filed to determine whether or not the XRP token should be classed as a security. The plaintiff has argued that Ripple misleads investors about the potential future price of the digital asset as well as believing that XRP was acting more like a stock than the currency they thought they were getting involved with.

In the end, Chervinsky said that enthusiasts shouldn’t hold their breath for a decision to be made anytime soon saying:

“So when will we know if XRP is security? Probably not in 2019 unless Ripple decides to change course & voluntarily treat XRP as security (which I sincerely doubt). Class actions are good for many things, but quickly resolving complex securities issues isn’t one of them.”

Published at Sat, 30 Mar 2019 14:07:12 +0000

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