Top 3 Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2017

Top 3 Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2017

How to invest in cryptocurrency:
Learn my top 3 cryptocurrency to invest in 2017.
There is only a few cryptocurrencies that deserve our attention. In this video I show you the 3 cryptocurrency you should buy in 2017 and beyond.

Number 3: Ethereum. Ethereum has been around for a few years already and is now the second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. There was a lot of trouble with the hardfork over the past few months but I believe that future is brighter for Ethereum.

number 2: Factom has been the underdog for quite a while. I really think that factom has a lot of utility cand could become one of the most valuable cryptocurrency out there.

Number 1: Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever created and we are currently in the biggest bull run we’ve seen so far. I am holding my breath and a lot of expert said that bitcoin would be worth thousands of dollar in 2017. I do believe the same and Im looking forward to it.

Those were my top 3 picks I think will do very good in 2017. Let me know below what are your picks.

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