Sparkpoint Ecosystem and ImaginePH Productions Finalized Their Partnership Deal

Sparkpoint Ecosystem and ImaginePH Productions Finalized Their Partnership Deal

Since November of 2018, Sparkpoint Ecosystem, is talking with ImaginePH Productions, a Philippine-based multimedia production and finally, they have finalized their deal last January of 2019!

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The negotiation lasted for more than two months with ImaginePH Productions hesitation about the volatile price of cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, the Sparkpoint Ecosystem team educated the multimedia production team on the importance of cryptocurrency and a deal has been reached.

“We are actually hesitant at first because of the undefined price of cryptocurrencies not to mention our little knowledge about this. But now, we have come to a good agreement with Sparkpoint Ecosystem to accept major cryptocurrency as payment and giving discounts for those who will use Sparkpoint Token (SRK) as payment,” Mel Cortez, proprietor of ImaginePH Production said the day they signed the agreement.

Cortez also added that they are pretty convinced with the future of SRK as this will bring a new hope for cryptocurrency.

Closing the deal is a big achievement for Sparkpoint Ecosystem as this is one of their objective, creating demands for their token.

“This is it. This is one of it. This is how we will create demand of SRK outside the Sparkpoint Ecosystem application,” said Andy Agnas in an excited tone.

“The problem with number of cryptocurrencies is the lack of demand and too much supply, having this types of partnerships will create the balance of supply and demand of our token and of course, price stability.”, Agnas added.

With the partnership deal, ImaginePH Production will officially use SparkX as their cryptowallet and will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Sparkpoint Token as payment for their services. Both parties believe that this is a start for adoption of SRK as a currency.

Published at Sun, 14 Apr 2019 00:28:01 +0000

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