‘Every Exchange Should Delist BSV on May 1st’ – Says Anthony Pompliano

‘Every Exchange Should Delist BSV on May 1st’ – Says Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano is calling on all cryptocurrency exchanges to delete Bitcoin SV (BSV) on May 1, 2019, as a repudiation of the claims of Craig S. Wright (CSW) and Calvin Ayre that BSV is the “real Bitcoin.”

Pomp Calls On Exchanges to Delist Bitcoin SV

In a tweet posted on Friday, (April 12, 2019), the Morgan Creek Digital co-founder sounded the call for exchanges to delist BSV – the altcoin Bitcoin fork championed by CSW and Ayre as “Satoshi’s Vision.”

Pompliano’s call is the latest salvo in the ongoing saga between CSW and Ayre on one side and people rising up in defense of Hodlonaut – a Bitcoin enthusiast being threatened by CSW and Ayre.

For Pomp, the Bitcoin community has to band together and self-regulate against the BSV proponents. Some commentators argue that this would be antithetical to the ideals of decentralization.

The Morgan Creek Digital insists, however, that it is something that must be done, tweeting:

Sometimes we must do the hard thing, not because it is easy, but because it is right.

CZ: We’re Not Afraid

In a related development, Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, CEO of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, also doubled down on his condemnation of Wright. In a series of tweets also published on Friday, Zhao said Binance wasn’t afraid of engaging in a legal battle with CSW and company.

“We have a number of very good/expensive lawyers,” Zhao added after warning that Binance would delist BSV if CSW and Ayre fail to stop threatening dissenting voices.

Zhao also unequivocally declared that “Craig Wright is not Satoshi.”


Meanwhile, support continues to mount for Hodlonaut – the now-deleted Twitter account in the eye of the storm.

Calvin Ayre has offered a bounty of 70 BSV tokens ($5000) to anyone who can ‘dox’ Hodlonaut, revealing his real identity or other personal information.

Hodlonaut had on several occasions referred to CSW as a fraud given his controversial and heavily debunked claim of being Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

You can see some of the compiled evidence disproving Craig Wright’s claims here and here.

Hodlonaut has become a popular figure in recent months for creating the Lightning Torch Bitcoin transaction relay showcasing Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

In response to CSW and Ayre’s perceived bullying tactics, many cryptocurrency analysts, commentators, and enthusiasts have changed their Twitter handles to Hodlonaut and adopted variations of his cat avatar in a display of solidarity and support.

Meanwhile, CSW and Ayre continue to threaten further legal action and to send out more letters against those who ‘defame’ Wright as “Faketoshi.”

Hodlonaut’s Legal Fund

At the same time, various cryptocurrency supporters have joined together launching a campaign to fund Hodlonaut’s legal expenses. The fund has already crossed 60 percent of its $20,000 goal.

In a symbolic touch, the initiative also supports instantaneous Lightning Network payments via BTCPayServer. Amusingly, the website also plays infamous CSW soundbites such as “hooodling is probably the most evil thing you can do with Bitcoin.”

Do you think all exchanges should heed the call to delete BSV come May 1, 2019? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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