DGTX from Digitex Network – Dether Talk – Medium

DGTX from Digitex Network – Dether Talk – Medium

You can now fund your Dether wallet with DGTX from Digitex.

About Digitex

Digitex is a futures exchange launching April 30, 2019, with zero trading fees and non-custodial account balances. The hybrid exchange combines the speed and reliability of real time trading on a centralized order matching engine with the decentralization of smart contracts.

The Digitex futures exchange allows traders to buy and sell futures contracts on various cryptocurrencies, commodities and financial instruments.

Using Plasma integration, traders will be able to place real-time, on-chain trades that are instantly recorded on a fully verifiable Ethereum side-chain. Traders will send their DGTX to an independent smart contract that then communicates with the Plasma side-chain and tells it how much credit each trader has.

Additional Plasma features include a one-click trading interface, automated market makers, high-leverage futures trading, and on-chain settlement.

Using the DGTX token

DGTX is the native currency of Digitex and an ERC-223 compatible protocol. Traders’ profits and losses are paid out in DGTX tokens, while margin requirements and account balances are also given in DGTX. The tick value of every Digitex futures market is 1 DGTX token. New tokens are slated to be issued in January 2021, with additional governance possibilities.

Store your DGTX tokens in your Dether Wallet and right from the Dether app:

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