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With this idea I want to show you that it could end badly for you if you do not buy now. I see many on Tradingview speculating on lower prices because they probably missed the current bottom. That means they are greedy. In every situation they try to get either the very highest point or the lowest point. But no matter if you are a professional trader or investor, no one can do it. So what did I do? If you remember, on February 2018 (around $10,500) I posted a short idea called ”The Big Crash – $2,000” that says we’ll reach $2,000. At the idea many people told me that I was crazy and would miss the big upmove. Of course, the target can still be reached, but on January 2019 (around $3,500) I came to the conclusion that prices are very low. So I just bought while others are dreaming of sub $2,000. What happened? A few months later we are now at $5,000 and many people have missed the opportunity to buy under $4,000 and are hoping for a retest. What does that mean for us? That means we have to take advantage of this situation. If Bitcoin continues to rise to $6,000 or over, they will re-enter again and will not continue to hope for lower prices. This is how people manage to lose money during a bull market…

From a technical point of view, a purchase also makes a lot of sense. The RSI is again in overbought territory. Many would say that’s bad, but in truth that’s a very good sign. If Bitcoin can hold these areas then it says it can make huge jumps upwards in a short time.
Here’s an example:

Also, MA200 and MA50 are slowly approaching to a cross. But do not wait for a cross, it’s best to buy it before. Because in the chart you can see an example during the bear market when it came to a bear trap. Even at altcoins many were fooled.
Here is another example with WAVES/BTC:

If you think the price is low and Bitcoin will eventually break the $20,000, then nothing speaks against a purchase. Many altcoins are still over 90% down. If you believe in Crypto, do not miss the big opportunity.

Thank you for reading, I wish you a nice day!

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Published at Fri, 05 Apr 2019 15:25:10 +0000

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