co-owner calls out Jack Dorsey; predicts CashApp will push censorship | co-owner calls out Jack Dorsey; predicts CashApp will push censorship |

An important principle that contributed to the emergence and growth of the cryptocurrency market was its accessibility and the lack of a “bar on entry.” The absence of censorship and central authority attracted proponents to make the coin a mainstay in several Libertarian campaigns.

This principle was defended by Cobra, the co-owner of and in his latest jibe at Jack Dorsey and Twitter via his latest tweet.

Cobra also predicted that CashApp, the mobile payments application developed by Dorsey’s Square, Inc. will engage in the same ‘censorship’ that Bitcoin advocates against.

Cobra was questioned by Riccardo Spagni, the project lead at Monero [XMR], about whether he was switching sides and joining the Bitcoin SV [BSV] camp that includes nChain’s Craig Wright and Ayre Group’s Calvin Ayre. The question was attached with a picture showing Cobra’s account unfollowing several users.

The co-owner responded stating that his account was banned for “suspicious activity,” and that his following list was wiped clean. He then went on to attack the CEO of Square, Inc. Jack Dorsey, suggesting that the censorship of his Twitter would soon be applied to CashApp as well, restricting users from accessing their funds.

His tweet stated:

“No. Twitter banned my account for “suspicious activity”, and removed everything from my following list. Word of caution for everyone riding @Jack’s dick, the same de-platforming tools will be applied to @CashApp eventually; loss of your money or suspension based on arbitrary BS.”

In a reply to the above tweet, Cobra said that the “temporary suspension” by the internet giant was due to his previous tweet about Bitmain.

“I tweeted about BITMAIN, and boom, my account was locked. No idea what made them think I was doing anything suspicious.”

Earlier this week, Cobra responded to Bitmain’s launch of their new 7nm ASIC chips to mine cryptocurrencies, questioning the mining company’s market performance.

Cobra’s tweet on Bitmain read,

“I thought BITMAIN was bankrupt or was getting chased out of the market by Halong Mining?”

Cobra has consistently promoted Bitcoin and its principles of universality, ubiquity and the absence of censorship and central-command.

Last week, when a proposition regarding block size reduction to 300KB was floated by a BTC developer, Luke Dashjr and the CCO at Bitrefill, John Carvalho, Cobra responded by calling such an intervention a “contentious hardfork,” which will damage the coin.

His support for the top cryptocurrency was encapsulated in another recent tweet which read,

Bitcoin is revolutionary. Money is the one thing that has gotten *worse* since the start of the 20th century. Can you imagine that? People that died of Botulism and that didn’t have access to antibiotics had more monetary freedom than you. Fiat money needs to be destroyed.”

Cobra, like many others in the BTC camp, has vehemently opposed altcoins, or what many refer to as, “shitcoins,” in comparison to Bitcoin. His latest tweet affirmed that maximalist belief stating:

Bitcoin is worth more than every other altcoin COMBINED. Let that sink in.”

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Published at Sat, 23 Feb 2019 09:13:38 +0000

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