An Interview With Denis Gorbachev

An Interview With Denis Gorbachev

Like the Marie Kondo of blockchains, he’s here to help you tidy up that portfolio of yours.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Denis Gorbachev, co-founder of, an effort to bring honest and accurate market data to crypto enthusiasts. His site ranks alt-coins based on “buy support” rather than the easily manipulated “market cap” measure, and also features in-house indicators. The site rivals the popular, which has come under fire for inaccurate and wash-traded data in its rankings. We also talk about a new project that aims to further add integrity to crypto markets. You can find more of Denis’ works here.

Our Discussion

How did you find out about Bitcoin?

“I first heard about it through a client of mine. I was working on web applications. He wanted to make a simple BTC price converter. Back then, there weren’t many pricing tools available. The purpose of the tool was to drive traffic to a project the client was working on. This was around 2014. He convinced me to accept payment in BTC for the work. So then I took time to read the BTC white paper. Like many others, I heard about it previously but this was when I really got
more interested.”

Being a Russian citizen, how do you feel is the sentiment towards Bitcoin in the East when compared to Western countries?

“I remember there was a bill to outright ban Bitcoin at one point, but the bill was never passed. In some ways I think it’s worse than the West, legally speaking, but people’s sentiment generally is more positive than the West, I believe.”

Back in October, you started to help shut down the manipulation going on. How has the reception been since the launch?

“First of all, I’d like to give credit to Imamudin Naseem here, who did the bulk of the code. I was the author of the idea, and wrote all the formulas, but Imamudin implemented it. It’s been a warm, surprising reception, especially since we haven’t promoted it much.”

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Published at Fri, 17 May 2019 21:15:28 +0000

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