Why our wallets 100% safe to store your cryptos

Why our wallets 100% safe to store your cryptos

Since the day Bitcoin, the first virtual currency was created in 2009, the number of cryptocurrency wallets has been growing at a steady rate. In fact, according to Statista, the total number of blockchain wallet users had reached almost a stunning 35 million by the end of March 2019.

Blockchain — cryptocurrency

What makes these wallets so popular? Well, the ownership is distributed on a global level and it is really difficult to tamper or modify the ownership records. This is where Rubideum’s exchange wallets have provided the best solution by coming up with exceptionally secure wallets having avant-garde functionalities. Apart from these, there are a lot many advantages of using exchange wallets like:

Quicker and cheaper transactions

The convenience of wallets makes it much easier to leave money in the wallet exchange instantly and use whenever required. Not to mention that the transaction processing speed is smoother and quite quick with no room for delays.

End-to-end security

Secure e-wallets can store the RBD coins safely as they are built on the blockchain enabling proper storage of cryptocurrencies too.

2FA or Two-factor authentication

For confirming the identity of the users, this unique method called “Two-factor authentication” is used including the Private Keys & QR Scanner.

Elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC)

As RBD wallet addresses are built on different algebraic structures of elliptic curves over finite fields, they utilize the concept of public-key cryptography. This is mainly because the address structure is alpha-numeric.

Nowadays, there’s an increase in the hype surrounding exchanges and it has become a growing trend to create accounts, store, and trade using cryptocurrency wallets provided by the exchanges. However, Rubideum has built robust wallets that are not prone to compromising of sensitive data. Today, security issues have become a challenge for even large exchanges and there is always a risk of getting hacked while handling high trade volumes or storing of high-value assets. That is why Rubideum has left no stone unturned in focussing on wallet security design.

Published at Mon, 27 May 2019 09:04:39 +0000

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