The District Weekly — April 27th, 2019 – district0x

The District Weekly — April 27th, 2019 – district0x

Team members spent this past week finalizing the launch details for Meme Factory. This included the DANK Token distribution plan, the initial challenge/voting period parameterizations, the exact allocation and mechanics of DANK for the faucet, and a few other loose ends here and there. Now that these last few specifications have been defined, we are nearly ready for launch. As always the latest technical updates of the project can be found on the Meme Factory GitHub page.

This past week on our discord Monday chat we dropped a link to the Ethereal Virtual Hackathon, an online hackathon for many types of people (not just developers) brought to you by Microsoft and Gitcoin. The hackathon runs until April 30th.

district0x Network News

District Roundup

In our latest District Roundup episode we looked at a bot we implemented known as ‘Discordtip’ and how we will use it to reshape our community growth strategies. We also discussed new changes to the community.

Stay tuned for our regular community livestream every other Tuesday at 3PM PDT (10PM UTC) as a forum for discussing recent updates to the district0x Network. You can join us on Mixer, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube.

District Proposals

No new proposals this week!

If you’d like to learn more about submitting your own idea as a proposal, check out the district proposal github repo for instructions and more information.

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