Bitcoin to $100k – $300k by Dec 2021

Bitcoin to $100k – $300k by Dec 2021 This prediction made possible by transposing a similar pattern from the previous bear market. Assumptions that 1.) the bottom is not in yet at $3,200 and 2.) The next ATH will be at the end of 2021 when everyone is talking about Bitcoin at the holiday family

Bitcoin’s Resistance Turned Support?

Bitcoin’s Resistance Turned Support? Bitcoin Weekly Chart: Bitcoin has found support on the previous resistance line as shown on the weekly chart above. If Bitcoin can his can close this current week with a green ‘1’ above the blue trend line , the bear market could finally be over! This is not financial advice, as

NEO and ONT – Comparing Terminal Shakeouts

NEO and ONT – Comparing Terminal Shakeouts Even though I’ve been leaning a little bearish on the market recently, since a lot of altcoins have broken their mid-term uptrends against Bitcoin or even headed back to major support levels…the USD value of many altcoins remains fairly bullish for now. NEO, for instance, is still above

Ambrosus AMBBTC – Ready to impulse

Ambrosus AMBBTC – Ready to impulse Not financial advice. Do your own research. The ideas shared here are the personal opinions of the BitDoctor team. Trade at your risk. Seeing a pump like this always gets me antsy. We’re seeing some consolidation and potentially a return of some momentum. Before I get started, please remember

BITCOIN VS CRYPTOS – a battle of strength

BITCOIN VS CRYPTOS – a battle of strength Hi everyone, this is my first post here but the TradingView bosses gave me permission to use their charts throughout my new book – The Crypto Trader – which is now on Amazon for pre-orders (released by financial publisher Harriman House on 20th May). For my first

Bitcoin’s Predicted Drop

Bitcoin’s Predicted Drop Bitcoin has been up and down lately. With nothing showing any definite long or short positions in the 30 minutes, 1 hour, and even 2 hour candles. But when we pull it back to 4 hour candels we can see that bitcoin has started to make a head and shoulder pattern. Starting


THE END OF THE BITCOIN RALLY! Hi fellow traders! We have recently seen BTCUSD rally over the past couple of days after breaking out of a consolidation zone. This has led to a rally of BTC approaching around $5500 USD at its peak. Looking at BTC now on a weekly time frame, a doji star

Potential Support Areas For Bitcoin!

Potential Support Areas For Bitcoin! Hi Everybody welcome to this brand-new analysis! In my previous analysis I mentioned: It would be healthier if we retraced back to the breakout zone (probable support boxes) at around 4400-4168. I still stand by those targets, but I also see potential support areas forming around the $4850 area, with

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